Gullivers Reisen

Wahre Worte an Webdeveloper!

Endlich spricht jemand die Wahrheit aus über automatisch abspielende Musik auf Webpages:


...So to all web developers/designers/clients or marketing zealots who happens to be web inept: PLEASE don't put auto-starting music on your site.

It's a sure way to piss off your visitors because:

  • your music choice most likely sucks, if not, it will be outdated soon enough.
  • even if you put a bloody stop button you have to find it in the page, after you found which tab is vomiting the audio shit.
  • even if we click the said stop button, most flash developers obviously don't have a clue of what cookies are and we have to re-click stop after each page load.
  • if your visitors want to listen music they will listen their mp3, your site is not a jukebox. In fact they most likely already are listening music and yours is only mixing with it, creating an unbearable and unwanted musical chaos.
  • except maybe if you're a band or something like it, it wont help to pass your message or sell your product. It will only bug your visitors to death. If it's the case, don't ever auto-start it.

So please, leave our sound cards and speakers alone. We don't want to hear your cheap audio loops and elevator music.

Damn that felt good :D

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23.1.08 13:27

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